Importance of blood

“dehasya rudhiram moolam
rudhirenaiva dhaaryate
tasmat yatnena samrakshyam
raktam jeeva iti stiti”

This roughly translates as blood forms the base of body and body depends on it. Therefore it should preserved with conscious effort


swasta, healthy state

“samadosha samaagnischa 
samadhaatu malakriya
swasta ityabhidheeyate”
Healthy state is when:
Doshas, Agnis and Dhaatus are in equilibrium
All malakriyas (excretory functions) are proper
Soul, Indriyas (both karmendriyas and jnanendriyas) and mind are calm and in pleasant state
That is, healthy state of a jeevan is more than absence of illness ; rather, it is a well maintained dynamic equilibrium