Happy New Year 2020

सर्वस्तरतु दुर्गाणि,
सर्वो भद्राणि पश्यतु ।
सर्वः सद्बुद्धिमाप्नोतु
सर्वः सर्वत्र नन्दतु ।।

May everyone overcome obstacles
May everything be auspicious
May everyone have good intellect (Let the good sense prevail)
May everyone be happy and cheerful

Santwanam wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous new year

Importance of moderation

“mitam bhuktva satam japtva
gatva satapadai sanai
vamabhaage sayaanasya
bhishak bhi kim prayojanam”

It translates roughly to mean that a person who eats moderately, chant 100 times (spend some time for meditation to be at peace with oneself), walk slowly about 100 steps (does physical activities moderately and consistently), and sleeps on left side will not need a doctor’s services