Classification of diseases

(This article was published in July 2018 issue of Santwanam magazine.)

International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Revision 11 was released on June 18 by World Health Organization (WHO) has published.

ICD provides a standard for reporting and monitoring diseases. This helps to compare and share data between hospitals, regions and countries.
Ministry of Ayush is developing Morbidity Codes and Standard Terminologies of Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha systems of medicine. For this purpose, Ministry of AYUSH has developed a portal named National AYUSH Morbidity and Standardized Terminologies Portal (NAMSTP).

Moringo as super food

(This article was published in July 2018 issue of Santwanam magazine.)

As per an article published in World Economic Forum, Moringa (Moringa oleifera) tree is a superfood which has ‘natural defence mechanism against environmental stress and pests’. It is reported to have demonstrated the ‘ability to reduce chronic inflammation, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, obesity and inflammatory bowel disorders in both cellular and animal models.’
Traditionally, leaves and fruits of Moringa are used as food in India. It is said that even other parts of the tree can be consumed as medicine!
We can find Sigru (Moringa) In Ayurvedic texts being mentioned for its medicinal effects. For example:

Sigruteekshnaa laghugraahee
vahnikrit kaphavaatajit

That is, Sigru is sharp, light, constipative and digestive stimulant. It alleviates kapha and vaata.

svarasah paramaartikrit

That is, both the bark and leaves of Moringa helps to reduce pain.

Recent discovery is now bringing this humble plant into limelight for its medicinal effect. Efforts are on to extract and package bioactive compounds in moringa as a medicine

Santwanam magazine July 2018 issue

The first annual issue of Santwanam magazine, an online Ayurveda magazine for everyone, is released today, July 1st, 2018.

It is available for download here

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for all the support extended. We look forward to extending our reach to an ever widening community.

Importance of physical activity in treatment of cancer

We have been highlighting the importance of physical activity in many previous issues of Santwanam magazine. Incidentally, a recently published report highlights the importance of physical activity in treatment of cancer.

Historical approach was to advice rest, avoiding physical activity. It is seen that this may be harmful. It is reported that proper exercise can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence as well as the risk of dying from cancer.

Healthy Tips

(Published in April 2018 issue of Santwanam magazine.)

A few time-tested practices can make your life healthy and happy.
1. Wake up early, and take some time for a short meditation or prayer.
2. Drink enough water. It helps in free passage of motion and urine.
3. Inculcate habit of passing urine and motion early in the morning. If it is not happening as a routine, it is a cause of concern. Inform your physician as it may indicate some potential illness.
4. Brush your teeth well to remove accumulated dirt with powder/paste having antiseptic properties, at least twice a day. Remember to clean tongue and gum as well. Use device without sharp edges. Gargling with saline water is also good.
5. Massage your body with suitable oil before taking bath. It helps in free movement of joints and muscles. It improves blood circulation, and makes skin soft, supple and shiny.
6. Physical exercise helps to improve vitality, increases blood circulation, builds stamina, and helps to develop natural resistance to diseases.
7. Take bath with clean and warm water
8. Eat balanced diet suitable to your body constitution.
9. Avoid sleeping during the daytime.
10. Avoid going to sleeping late in the night.
11. Bed and bedroom should be neat, clean, and free of dust and bugs.
12. Relax mind with prayer, music or meditation before going to bed.

As the world celebrate today as World Health Day under the patronage of the
World Health Organization with Universal Health Coverage as the theme for this
year, we wish everyone a very healthy and happy life

‘lokaa samastaa sukhino bhavantu’