Ayurveda Achaaryaas

निदाने माधवः श्रेष्ठः
सूत्रस्थानेशु वाग्भटः
शारीरे शुश्रुतः प्रोक्तः
चरकस्तु चिकित्सिते

Madhava is the best in diagnosis, Vagbhata in concepts and principles. Sustruta is known for anatomy and Charaka for treatment

Madhava has authored माधवनिदानं (Madhava Nidaana). Vagbhata is the author of अष्टाङ्गसंग्रह (Ashtaangasamgraha) and अष्टाङ्गहृदयसंहिता (Ashtāngahridayasaṃhita). Susruta is the author of संहिता (Susrutasamhita). Charaka is the author of चरकसंहिता(Charakasamhita).

Happy Doctor’s day!

किं पुनर्यो विजानीयादोषधीः सर्वथा भिषक्
योगमासाम् तु यो विद्याद्देशकालोपपादितं
पुरुषं पुरुषं वीक्ष्य स ज्ञेयो भिषगुत्तमः

A person who knows well about medicines is doctor. A doctor who knows when and where these are appropriate, and also knowing how these can be helpful for each person depending on his/her constitution is a great doctor

Each patient is different, and requires personal attention. Treatment need to be given taking into dooshyah, desah, balah, kaalah, agni, prakriti, vayah, manah, saalmyah, aahaarah and avastah

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Types of Sleep

tamobhavaa sleshmasamudbhavaa ca
manahsareerasramasambhavaa ca
aagantukee vyaadhyanuvartinee cha
raatrisvabhaavaprabhavaa ca nidraa

1. Because of Tamasa guna
2. Because of Kapha dosha
3. Due to physical or mental exhaustion
4. Unexpected or unnatural sleep
5. Because of illness
6. Natural sleep in the night

A good doctor

hetau linge prasamane
rogaanaam apunarbhave
njaanam chaturvidham yasya
sa rajaarho bhisaktamah

A good doctor (doctor who would be respected by a king) is a person who has knowledge on i) what could potentially cause the illness, ii) what are symptoms of illness, iii) what could help to control and remove illness and iv) what could help to prevent its reccurance

Importance of sleep

“nidraayaattam sukham duhkham
pushtih kaarsya balaabalam
vrishataa kleebataa jnjaanam
ajnjaanam jeevitam na ca”

This roughly translates as happiness (and sorrow), corpulence (and trimness), strength (and weakness), potency (and impotency), intelligence (or its’ absence) and even itself depends on sleep


“yatraasritaa karmagunaah
kaaranam samavaayi yat tat dravyam”

Substance (including drugs) in which actions and properties are located in is Dravya. Causation of its effect is natural and inherent in the substance..

Shat Rasaas (Six Tastes)

“svaaduramloƒtha lavanah
katukastikta eva ca
kaashaayasceti shatkoyam
rasaanaam samgrahah smritah”

Six rasas or tastes are:
1. Svaad (Sweet)
2. Amla (Sour)
3. Lavana (Salty)
4. Katuka (Bitter)
5. Tikta (Pungent)
8. Kashaaya (Astringent)